Suburban Medical & Wellness Center is a group practice of primary care physicians specializing in Internal Medicine. Our practice is located in Schaumburg, Illinois.

We have a brand new State of the art medical facility with the latest technologies available in today’s healthcare.

We are a comprehensive primary care center offering laboratory and x-ray services, six days a week, and convenient office hours.

At Suburban Medical & Wellness Center, we provide dedicated health care services by well trained board certified health care professionals.

Internal Medical is specialy its own right. Our highly trained Board Certified physician and other health care providers evaluate new trents in medicine. This way we are able to work closely with traditional and alternative medical specialties coordinating overall health and wellness for our patients.

We operate with the belief that Medicine and Healthcare systems should be proactive with an emphasis on prevention long before intervention is necessary.

Head of Departments

Ritesh Patel, MD

(Internal Medicine)

Raj Patel, MD

(Internal Medicine)

Jitendra D. Patel MD

(Internal Medicine)

Maryem Syed,MD

Internal Medicine

Safder Mohsin MD

Internal Medicine, Geriatrics

Dr. Smruti Mishra L.P.T.

(Physical Theraphy)

Sushil Sharma MD, FACC

Cardiology & Vascular Medicine

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